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Civil Engineering

High quality civil engineering solutions in Dubai or the wider UAE

If you are looking for high quality civil engineering solutions in Dubai or the wider UAE, Arman Building Contracting LLC are here to help you

The scope of civil engineering works is a generic term which covers professional engineering services in both the public and private sector. It encompasses the design, planning and implementation of projects covering such areas as buildings, bridge building, roads and general infrastructure.

Arman is an experienced civil engineering company working on many high profile capital projects throughout the Emirates. These projects take in multi-faceted operations from simple maintenance projects to high profile builds.

Quality with Scalability
We focus on what matters - the needs of our customers.

We invest a great deal of time and expertise at the planning stage to ensure that not only our design and implementation plans are cost effective, but also that the procurement side and supply chain covers the sourcing of the finest quality materials. Our flexible workforce provides you with the expertise needed to deliver your requirements to specification, on time and within your operating budget.

Whether working for the Government or in the private sector, Arman Contracting LLC has the reputation, focus and flexibility to deliver high class civil engineering solutions to meet the demands of modern society.

Whatever your detailed and specific requirements, we can handle your entire civil engineering project in the UAE in cities such as Dubai & Abu Dhabi.