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Pre-Fabricated Sections

We are a supplier of structural steels for projects such as building frameworks

The Al Madar Metal Construction Factory sources and supplies the highest quality pre-fabricated structural steel sections for use in our building projects.

Pre-fabricated sections are used in a variety of applications including steel building frames, support structures, warehousing and in bridge building. Our factory has the ability to design and create a complete building system to suit your needs.

For more information please visit our section on steel structures

About Steel Sections

We purchase structural sections from leading mill producers to the highest possible specification.

All come supplied with nominal yield strength and can be further tested to ensure they meet your specification or can be produced specifically to suit. Sections types include standard beams and columns which can be hollow or open sections depending on the requirement. Different treatments and finishes are also available.

Cutting & Machining

Our machine shop has the capability to cut these sections to size and so can produce framework which is ideal for use in the building of warehouses and commercial properties.