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Mechanical Engineering

Are you Looking for one of the best mechanical engineering companies in UAE

Arman Electrical Contracting LLC is a leading service provider of high end mechanical engineering solutions for businesses throughout the United Arab Emirates.

There are many mechanical engineering companies in the UAE and the services are widespread but what differentiates us is the way in which we will execute your project. We take a holistic approach to contract work with a philosophy that everything is connected.

Total Management Solutions

In essence we are a one stop shop. We offer completely seamless and fluid mechanical engineering solutions for your business which are completely scalable to your needs. Size and scope of works are irrelevant. We gear our services and workforce on an individual basis to the work in hand.

Engineering & Fabrication

The UAE has a buoyant and thriving engineering and fabrication sector and we lend our expertise to fully support businesses looking to get ahead. We work with our clients to plan effective mechanical engineering solutions which can be implemented to suit your individual operating requirements. on.

Investment in Training

Training is a key element of our services - our contractors are chosen and assessed continually to maintain the highest possible standards in terms of quality knowledge and expertise. We offer mechanical engineering services in a variety of high profile operating sectors including oil, gas & petrochemical, marine and general fabrication works.