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MEP Consultancy

Arman Electrical is one of the most successful MEP contracting companies in the UAE

We are an MEP solutions provider with contracting teams who are fully trained to support and install mechanical, electrical and plumbing solutions.

We work with our customers from the outset to plan a solution which works. We go further than your standard MEP contractor - we look at the entire aspect of your project and not only look into providing an effective working solution but also look at the efficiency aspect.

We believe that any MEP solution should not only work for you but also be economical. This can only be done if time investment is made at the planning and development stage.

What we offer?


  • Feasibility study to ensure that your proposed project is workable
  • A complete investigation and development of a workable project plan
  • The opportunity for you to choose Arman Electrical Contracting LLC as your MEP partner in the installation and management of the finished solution

We work with our customers as MEP consultants and in some cases this is the total extent to which we work. However, we find with the majority of our customers that they wish to choose us as their preferred installer since we build confidence with our customers which is derived from our ability to plan workable efficient solutions.


At every stage of the process, we project manage to the finest detail. We believe that accountability is key and you will be allocated a member of our team who will work with you through planning to the finished project.