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MEP Solutions

We are not solely an MEP contracting business - we are an MEP solutions provider

It is important to recognise that Arman Electrical Contracting LLC is not a company that delivers MEP solutions to specification on a verbatim basis. We are much more than that.

We work on MEP contracts all the time and we believe it is our duty to impart our vast knowledge and experience to provide solutions to our customers. In many cases we deal with prestigious businesses that do not need our input, and in such cases we simply work with you to deliver at the project to specification.

Not all projects are the same

However, it is clear that not all projects are the same. If we feel that in our experience there are potential pitfalls in the plan or we have suggestions to better improve the overall package, we will tell you.

You may not accept such findings, but we do believe we have a duty of care where we should use our experience in such matters to improve the quality of the project being undertaken.

Saving time, saving money

Improvements can present themselves in a variety of ways. We may be able to offer changes which will improve lead times without a compromise in quality. We may also be able to suggest changes which will improve efficiencies in the longer term which will save our customers money.

Either way, by working with Arman Electrical Contracting LLC, you will find a diligent approach where our experience will prove invaluable.