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Plumbing Solutions

We offer a range of high quality plumbing contracting services across the UAE

Plumbing covers a wide scope of works which can involve traditional plumbing services for residential developments to more complicated plumbing requirements in such areas as the energy sector.

A better term for your business may be \'hydraulics\' - and certainly Arman will provide you with a range of high quality services to support your business. We offer hydraulics services in a variety of markets including general plumbing, drainage systems, fire-fighting systems and gas plumbing services.

Hydraulic Services at a Glance


  • A comprehensive range of plumbing / hydraulic services covering domestic water, drainage, gas plumbing, storm water, fire fighting
  • Initial feasibility studies, planning and design
  • Tailored solutions to suit your requirements
  • High quality sustainable solutions for your business
  • Maintenance and preventative maintenance solutions to protect your investment