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Building Projects

We undertake construction projects across the entire United Arab Emirates

We undertake construction projects across the entire United Arab Emirates including the cities of Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi

Building projects are a complex business. Detailed planning is a must and we realise that success or failure hinges on the ability of the contractor to get the work done on time and to a quality which exceeds client expectations.

We undertake building projects for customers in both the public and private sector and such projects can be can range from a small refurb project to a completely new build which requires new services to be installed as part of the capital build.

Flexibility is the Key
You may hear the term \'nothing is too big or too small\' but in our case, this statement is a matter of fact.

We undertake building projects which are geared specifically to your needs whether it is a makeover of an existing facility or a completely new build. We recognise that our customers need to live the solution long after our contractors have completed the work which is why we invest so much time and detail at the planning stage to ensure that that any proposal is right for you.

We listen...
We listen, we plan and we implement to your exact requirements, and we allow you to utilise our experience in a partnership which delivers long term and effective solutions. Arman Contracting LLC has the assets in terms of resources and manpower to deliver outstanding solutions across an array of diverse industrial sectors.