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Project Management

We are one of the UAEs most experienced project management companies

Project Management is a key component of any construction project, and Arman Contracting LLC excels in this particular field with a range of services geared specifically to our clients\' needs.

At Arman, you can always rest assured that if problems occur, we will implement effective strategies and solutions to overcome them. This makes us a different proposition to many existing construction companies.

Continuity is Critical

Unlike many contractors we believe that continuity in the project is absolutely paramount -which is why we assign an experienced dedicated project manager from the outset. This gives our customers peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that someone accountable is always on hand at every stage of the development.

It would be short-sighted to expect that complex building projects do not experience issues from time to time. Our philosophy is simple - businesses from time to time can make mistakes, it would be foolish not to expect this. However, we believe it is a companies\' ability to deal with these issues which sets it apart from the norm.


We utilise our experience in the project management life cycle to address potential snags and issues before they manifest.