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Industrial sector

We are one of the leading industrial contracting companies in Dubai

We are one of the leading industrial contracting companies in Dubai and offer a wide range of services throughout the UAE

The UAE industrial sector is based around a number of core markets which attracts global investment. The oil and gas sector in particular is a successful sector with many leading global brands and relevant support companies.

The shipping industry is also at the heart of UAE business life with major ports acting as a central hub for global distribution. There are major shipping ports at places such as Jebel Ali, with vast container terminals where goods are imported and exported on a grand scale. There is also a healthy raw materials supply sector in such materials as steel and pre-fabricated sections which supports the general construction industry.

High Tech Engineering
High technology engineering and fabrication is also a feature, especially once again in the oil, gas and petrochemical market.

As this sector continues to thrive, the requirement for world class facilities continues to grow. At Arman Group, we offer construction services across the entire industrial market sector ranging from support services in building maintenance to completely new builds.

From concept to delivery
From concept to design and completion, we are essentially a one stop shop in contracting terms and deliver world class construction solutions which are efficient and cost effective, a feature you would expect from a company with such an enviable reputation.

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