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Institutional Sector

We work with some of the UAE\'s leading and most prestigious institution

As a leading construction and contracting company in Dubai, we work with some of the UAE\'s leading institutions

We work with a wide variety of leading institutions within the UAE including the Government, the Defence Ministry and utility companies. The mere fact that we are chosen by these institutions to undertake building works on their behalf is a fitting and positive endorsement of our companies\' capabilities.

Etisilat for example, is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world.

Testament to our services

From Foreign Embassies to the heart of local Government, Arman Group provides complete construction solutions with the emphasis on quality. Our huge team of qualified contractors provide civil engineering services which stand the test of time.

And furthermore, many of the institutions we work for in the UAE are regular customers. Our work in the defence sector is also a clear indication of our work ethic and diligence as we are seen as a security conscious business.

Working Examples

We have worked for the following institutions:

  • UAE Armed Forces - water tank installation
  • Emirates State Telecom (Etisilat) - additional business centre and warehouse
  • Government of Sharjah - new taxi station
  • Gulf Water Company - new warehousing and factory building
  • Sharjah Transport Authority
  • Department of Islamic Affairs - Sharjah

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