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Residential Sector

We work on residential projects throughout the UAE in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

As one of the leading UAE construction companies, we work on residential projects in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

The residential sector in the UAE is growing and the need for adequate housing and fine living has never been so apparent.

Residential building construction has unique problems due to an all year round hot climate. Considerations in terms of air conditioning and the provision of services such as water, gas and electricity are all considerations and can present issues if not properly planned.

Complex Developments
Many residential developments require some sort of climatic control. Water has to be supplied to these developments from desalinisation plants and there is also an expectation that properties are of a high standard and often form part of a purpose built complex where leisure facilities go hand in hand.

Residential is one of the sectors in which the Arman Group excels. The complex nature of these developments lends itself well to our organisational structure in terms of our resource and our experience.

Project Scalability
From initial planning to completion, no contract is to large or too small and once completed, we can maintain the site too to ensure that the residential development is maintained to a high standard.

Unlike many contracting companies, we operate in a number of diverse markets which gives us the necessary skillsets to be able to bring a project together.

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