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Retail Sector

The retail sector is a big operating market for Arman in the UAE, particularly in Dubai

The retail sector is a big market in the UAE especially in Dubai where the need for high class general contracting companies is evident

Tourism is big business in the UAE and retail services go hand in hand in providing an attractive environment for the discerning tourist.

In recent years the United Arab Emirates has seen major investment in the retail sector with the building of huge shopping malls in all the major commercial centres including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Much of these developments are undertaken with huge development budgets to provide the very best retail environment for residents and tourists alike.

Effective Maintenance
The building of these developments creates a need for effective maintenance and management. Arman Group not only works on the construction side of these builds but will also provide effective maintenance and preventative maintenance services to ensure that the integrity of these developments is assured.

From electrical wiring to full scale commercial builds, we fully support the retail environment and have the resources available to provide a fully managed solution.

Phase Management
Many of the retail building developments are produced in phases and Arman Group will work with our customers at every stage of the building process including the initial concept and consultation stage.

Our attention to detail and overall experience results in our company being specified regularly on projects in the retail sector.

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