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Tourism Sector

Commercial centres across the UAE are becoming much more reliant on tourism

Commercial centres in the UAE are becoming more reliant on tourism especially in areas such as Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Whilst the wealth in the Emirates has been built traditionally on the success of the Oil & Gas market, over recent decades this has been systematically replaced by the Tourist sector which is set to be the mainstay of income for the local economy.

The region now boasts some of the worlds\' best hotel and leisure facilities with the country also now becoming known for hosting some of the best global sporting events. Golf and motorsport are just some of the international class events now on offer.

Unprecedented Investment
This has been achieved thanks to unprecedented investment in building and infrastructure and Arman Group have been at the forefront in offering leading class construction solutions to support the tourism sector. From theme parks to holiday homes, the major commercial regions of the UAE have seen a huge rise in the volume of building projects to support the tourist economy.

Arman provides a wide range of services and expertise in the provision of experienced building services from the planning stage right through to implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Facilities Management
Facilities management plays a major part to ensure that investment in new infrastructure is maintained to the highest operational standards. As the tourist economy continues to grow, the UAE\'s reputation as a leading tourist destination will be further compounded, as will Arman\'s worthy reputation as a high quality provider.

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